Food Recycling

Join California’s
Climate Food Fight

Most places will put their food scraps, like banana peels, in their greens bins. 

Recycle Your Food Scraps to Save Our Planet

Tips for Collecting Food Scraps and Yard Waste

  • Choose a container that works for you.
    Upcycle an old coffee or yogurt container or buy something new that has a secure lid to minimize odors. 
  • Find a place to store it.
    You can keep food scraps: On the counter, under the sink, next to your garbage can, or in the fridge/freezer. 
  • Check your local program about whether to use a plastic or compostable bag.
  • Keep food scraps in the fridge or freezer until collection day helps your outdoor cart stay cleaner. 

Join the millions of Californians already recycling their food scraps to save our climate. Learn more about the new mandatory composting law below.