Training Resources for Jurisdictions

Campaign Overview

Presented December 7, 2022

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Get information and support for your food recycling rollout with tools, resources and more on attention-getting ways to share food recycling information and support local behavior change.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Presented January 11, 2023

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Can digital marketing improve your recycling outreach? Get insights into what drives Californians to iRecycleSmart’s website and behavior change.

Measuring Impact on Recycling Behavior

Presented January 18, 2023

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Does recycling education change behavior? Yes! I Recycle Smart’s campaign pilot program improved recycling contamination 50% with targeted recycling messages. Help customers recycle smarter!

Working with Social Media Influencers

Presented January 25, 2023

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CalRecycle partnered with trusted California-based social media influencers to amplify proper sorting, food scrap recycling, and waste reduction messages. Curious? You don’t want to miss this one!